We are proud to wholesale the highest quality 1.3g and 1.4g professional and consumer fireworks available. We travel all the way to China to hand-pick the most interesting, impressive, and innovative effects so your displays will be memorable and just plain awesome! We know you put a lot of time and effort into your displays, and we also know that if you start with great product then you are well on your way to putting on a show that will dazzle your customers. Let us help you make your customers happy with our amazing product and reasonable prices.

As you could probably guess, this is our busiest time of year (and we love it)! But we don’t love making you wait. Please give us a call before you come out so we can schedule a pickup time for you, and ensure we are able to give you the personalized attention you deserve.

Did you know that we can deliver your fireworks?? Call or email us to find out more, or to schedule your shipment!

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We are a professional & consumer fireworks wholesaler located at 11628 Indiana 46, Sunman, IN 47041

                   Contact Us: (812)623-0099 or sales@lynchimportsllc.com