Yes, we do have U-4AST-C!

I know it’s hard to believe, but sometimes we (and our catalog printer) make a mistake. If you’ve noticed that the 2017 catalog is missing one of your favorite items, and that item is U-4AST-C, then you are in luck! This item was omitted from the catalog in error, and we do actually have it in stock. Packaging is 36/1 and the price is $198.

4″ Union Display Shells with tails, Assortment C (18 ti salutes, 2 of each): Golden chrysanthemum, gold tail; golden bowtie with blue ring, gold tail; blue chrysanthemum, gold tail; red and blue cross ring, silver tail; diadem chrysanthemum to blue, blue tail; half red and green chrysanthemum, gold tail; colorful chrysanthemum, silver tail; brocade purple to silver, silver tail; blue to white strobe, red tail.

Thank you to those of you who brought this error to our attention, and if you see anything else that doesn’t look quite right, please give us a call!

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