This will not be your favorite post.

Hi all. Happy almost July! I hate to be the bearer of bad news during the happiest time of the year, but bad news is what I’ve got. We’ve been notified by our manufacturers that shell prices have gone up. A lot. An unabsorb-able amount. And even though we hate to do it, that means we have to pass some of this increase along to you. As of yesterday, we have raised all shell prices 10% for new orders. If we already have your order reserved (i.e. you sent us your order and put at least 50% down), you will still get the old prices on that order. If you weren’t going to order any shells, then this also doesn’t apply to you. (And if you want to order something at a lower than normal price, check out the Mardi Gras Serpent cake. It’s on special for $45/case.) ¬†We thought long and hard about whether to post this notice here, since we really want you to come see us and we know this might upset you. However, we don’t want to make you mad or have you think we are trying to price gouge you at the last minute, so there it is. Hope to see you soon!

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