About Us

Who are we?

Lynch Imports is proud to be your quality professional and consumer fireworks wholesaler. Since 2003, we’ve been on the lookout for the newest and best – the unusual color, the dazzling design, the extraordinary effect that makes your shows unique and keeps people talking. We are intimately familiar with the product we carry, and try to innovate wherever possible to make your displays safer and more spectacular.

We’re a small family business that sells fireworks- a father (Dennis), a son (Stephen), and a daughter (Elizabeth). Dennis (aka Dad) grew up getting into trouble with fireworks with his brothers and sisters, and as they started having their own children the family celebrated 4th of July like no other holiday. Countless hours of planning and work went into every backyard display, and 4th of July has always been a High Holy Holiday for the Lynch clan. After retiring from Procter & Gamble, Dennis traveled to China with his brother Brian (Half Price Fireworks, hpfireworks.com) the next year. Before they came back, Dennis had ordered a container of 1.3g display fireworks. We’ve grown from that single container to where we are today, bringing you the best fireworks we can find!

Our goal is simple: we’re here to help you translate your life-long passion for fireworks into safe, compliant displays and successful retail operations. We know they’re called fireWORKs, but we want you to have fun We have learned many things about fireworks the hard way, and we want to help steer you down the right path.

We think you’ll be amazed at the value we can bring to your displays. We only deal with factories we’ve inspected for quality, consistency, and value, and travel frequently to China to ensure that we’re stocking the best, safest, and most cost-efficient products available.

Let us help you make your displays better than ever before! Give us a call at (812)623-0099 or send an email to sales@lynchimportsllc.com to request a current DVD and catalog!

Can you buy fireworks from us?

Well, that depends. Many of the items we carry require a license or permit from BATFE. We also carry 1.4g consumer items but we do not sell to the general public – we’re wholesalers! If you are purchasing 1.4g for resale at your store, tent, or whatever – or if you have an ATF license/permit, we are happy to sell you 1.4g product all day long.

If you do not have an ATF license/permit but are interested in getting one, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’ll be happy to help any way we can – you can even stop by and we’ll help you fill out the form. It’s not so hard. We’ve even got some extra fingerprint cards lying around. We can also provide a contingency letter if you’re within a reasonable distance.

OK, I have an AFT license/permit or a consumer store. What’s the next step?

Check out our product online or at our demo and come buy our fireworks! We’ll need a valid copy of your ATF license and a valid photo ID when you come pick up your order if you’re purchasing 1.3g product. We’ll ask you to fill out a customer information form (it’s short, I promise) and make a copy of your license and ID. If the AFT license is under a company name we will also need a copy of the AFT “Notice of Clearance”, showing the Responsible Person(s) under the company license. Only those listed as a “Responsible Person” can pick up fireworks unless an authorization form is completed, signed, and on file.

Email us at sales@lynchimportsllc.com or call (812)623-0099 and we’ll schedule an appointment. We fill orders by appointment only – so if you just show up we might not be there. You can email or fax us your order ahead of time. Our fax number is (812)645-3807. This helps quite a lot, and can save us all time! When you come, we’ll site down and make sure everything is right. You can change your order at any time before you leave, no sweat! We probably have something you didn’t know you wanted!

How do I make sure I get exactly what I want?

Well, this one is easy. Place your order, put down a 50% deposit, and we will hold it for you until you need it. We try our best to ensure that we have enough of the most popular items, but we do run out of things. We don’t like it any more than you do when this happens. If you were counting on something and didn’t reserve it, we can always suggest a replacement – with soooo many cakes and shell assortments, we can usually find something that’s close enough, but we hate disappointing you. We’ve usually got everything in stock at demo time, so that’s often the best time to pick up or reserve.

How can I pay for these fireworks?

We accept cash, credit, and debit cards, Paypal, all that jazz. We’re getting pretty close to the point where we won’t take checks, so touch base with us first if that’s how you are planning on paying.

Hey, can I get a discount?


What? You’re still reading? Volume discount programs are just not for us. We want the customer who’s ordering 5 cases to get the same great prices as the guy who’s getting 500 cases. Plus we always try to make our prices fair from the start! We do offer a rebate in product on orders over $100,000 that are picked up at the same time. Contact us for more details!

Can you ship me fireworks?

Yup, we sure can. 1.4g product can go by common carrier, so that’s not too bad. 1.3g though – that’s another story. It’s expensive, and we hate that, but what can you do? We’re working on establishing regular shipping lanes that might come pretty close to you, and that will hopefully cut shipping costs down some. We want you to spend your money on fireworks, not shipping! Contact sales@lynchimportsllc.com for details.

Do you offer ship-show insurance?

Yup. We are able to offer general liability insure that will cover damage to property or spectators to qualified customers. For more about what “qualified” means, how it works and what it costs, contact sales@lynchimportsllc.com or call (812)623-0099.

Will you deliver to our club shoot for free?

I mean, I don’t know. Maybe? That sounds like fun. We’re trying to get out more and feel the breeze, and smell the smoke. One of our goals for 2017 is to go to more club shoots because they’re a ton of fun! Email sales@lynchimportsllc.com to make sure your shoot is on our radar and we’ll try to come on out and have a good time!

Do you accept returns?

Mostly no. We understand that sometimes shows get cancelled, and in those instances we are willing to work with you as long as certain conditions are met. The product must be in exactly the same condition it was in when you received it, because otherwise we cannot resell it. If the product is not in a saleable condition, we are unable to accept it for a refund. Our second condition is probably not going to be your favorite, but returns are subject to a restocking fee of 20%. We know each situation is different, so we are happy to review your specific circumstance with you if need be. 

 Terms and Conditions:

You, as buyer, are notified that fireworks are extremely dangerous. Their handling, storage, transportation, and use are an ultra-hazardous activity that pose significant risks to life and property. No warranties are expressed or implied by Lynch Imports LLC, it’s owners, employees, agents, associates, friends, family, favorite actors, or cheeses.

Buyer is responsible for compliance with all state, federal, and local laws and regulations pertaining to the handling, storage, transportation, and use of all items purchased. Lynch Imports LLC shall not be liable in any civil or criminal action for any arrest, accident, or injury that occurs during buyer’s transportation, handling, storage, or use of merchandise.

We’re serious about compliance and want you to be too. We’re here to help however we can. We mean it. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. We love talking with folks about fireworks – even when it’s about compliance. If we’re all as educated and as safe as possible, our grandchildren will have a chance to grow up loving fireworks too. The only stupid question is the one you don’t ask!

We reserve the right to sell to anyone at any time and limit quantities available for sales. If it looks to us like you’re doing something shady, we’re going to send you packing. Sorry/not sorry – we’re required to do so. See 27 CFR 555.106 in the orange book!