10″ Yung feng shells in stock!

Hey! We’ve got some really exciting news. We now have 10″ Yung feng shells available! These are some of the highest quality shells you can buy, and are just plain awesome. They come packed 2 in a case, and are only $375 per case. You can choose from the following effects (or don’t choose and get them all):

Nishiki Kamuro Niagra Falls w/Silver Tail

Kamuro Chrysanthemum Niagra Falls

Nishiki Kamuro w/Green strobe Pistil

Gold wave to variegated to Strobing Chyrs. w/Falling Leaves

Glittering Silver to Strobing Chrys. w/Falling Leaves

Glittering Silver, Red, Blue Chrys. w/Blue Pistil

Nishiki Kamuro Crackling w/Silver Tail

Crackling Nishiki Kamuro w/Variegated Swimming Pistil w/Small Flowers

Nishiki Kamuro to Red Strobing Tip w/Green Strobing Pistil

These will not last! Order yours today!


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